There’s a countless number of amazing places and experiences on this planet. It’s almost overwhelming at times…the sheer amount of things we want to see and do!

Ever since we quit our jobs to travel full-time, it feels like the list of things we want to experience has gotten longer and longer. But the possibilities are infinite and we can’t see and do it all.

Why We Decided to Create a Travel Bucket List

Jack and Gab Explore in Malacca, Malaysia

To help focus our travels for 2020, we decided it was time to make a Travel Bucket List. We even included suggestions from people who follow our journey on our YouTube Channel. Just to keep things fresh 🙂

We feel like this list will help keep us focused on what’s most important to us. It’s our version of a New Years’ Resolution. Who knows, it might even inspire a few people to create a travel bucket list of their own!

How We Made Our 2020 Travel Bucket List

Jack and Gab Explore in Lithuania

Creating a travel bucket list is no small feat. There are so many things out there, and we wanted to make the list challenging yet attainable.

We started by separately brainstorming a list of things we each really wanted to do. Then we read the lists to each other and were surprised at the number of things we both wanted to do.


To make things more interesting, we also asked our YouTube subscribers to help vote for what they wanted us to do. It was a really cool experience seeing where people want us to go!

After that, we picked our favorites from each list and combined them into one bucket list. We separated the items on the list into three categories: Places, Experiences and Challenges.

So without further ado…

Our 2020 Travel Bucket List

Jack and Gab Explore in Bosnia


  • Africa
  • Holland
  • Colombia
  • Italy
  • Georgia
  • The Middle East


  • See the Northern Lights
  • Spend a month in one place
  • Go horseback riding
  • See a sports game in a foreign country
  • Have a family member visit us abroad
  • Hike a mountain and sleep at the top
  • Stay in a hostel
  • Volunteer abroad
  • Take a cooking class abroad
  • Ride a high speed train


  • Plan a trip on less than 24 hours notice
  • Go vegetarian for a month
  • Live with a local family somewhere unusual
  • Explore a new city without our cell phones
  • Do an eco-friendly travel challenge
  • Eat bugs

Final Thoughts

Jack and Gab Explore in Thailand

We love traveling and we hope that 2020 isn’t our last year doing this full time. In fact, we’d love for there to be many travel bucket lists to come.

We’ll do our best to check everything off this list by the end of 2020. But if we can’t, we’ll just have to keep on traveling.

Happy travels!

Jack & Gab

P.S. Get the full PDF of our bucket list below 🙂

2020 Travel Bucket List [PDF]


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