Even before we arrived in Poznań, we heard glowing recommendations from various people. “It’s one of the coolest cities in Poland, and there aren’t that many tourists!” one British woman told us. We love hidden gems–consider us interested!

We could tell that Poznań was going to live up to the hype within the first hour of arriving. After an early morning bus ride from Wrocław, we headed off to a popular breakfast place to kill time before our Airbnb was ready.

It ended up being one of the best breakfasts ever, and the two breakfast entrées plus two cappuccinos cost only $10 USD. Most places in the U.S. will charge you $10 USD just for the cappuccinos!

Needless to say, the rest of our week in Poznań was equally impressive. The culture, cuisine, architecture and prices all mandate a visit to this hip city immediately. We created this Ultimate Travel Guide to Poznań to help you plan your trip to this up-and-coming city.

About Poznań, Poland

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland

Poznań is a Polish city with slightly over half a million residents. Located in between Warsaw and Berlin, Poznań is a very modern and developed city. Its beautiful Old Town and hipster charm have begun to act as a draw to tourists from around the globe.

The formation of the Polish state began in Poznań, making this city as historic as it is modern. There are plenty of historic sights and monuments all over the city, with plenty of tours highlighting these sights for tourists.

One of the most interesting things about the modern culture in Poznań is the widely recognized presence of anarchists. The Anarchist Federation is an organization that aims to abolish “all social structures and laws that restrict personal freedom in any way.” They have a strong presence in Poznań, regularly holding events and rallies.

What To Do

Main Sights

Colorful buildings and people walking in Old Market Square in Poznan, Poland

  • Old Market Square: This is the main square in Poznań, and it was built way back in 1253. It’s a great first stop, since there are tons of great shops, cafes and restaurants. Plus, the square itself is beautiful and lined with colorful buildings.
  • Lake Malta: An artificial reservoir with kayaking and rowing competitions. This is a great place to visit during the summer months!
  • Imperial Castle: Historical castle/palace built in 1905. Today, it is used as a cultural center with hundreds of performances hosted every year. They also have a cool coffee shop inside where you can grab a killer cappuccino!
  • Park Cytadela: Located just north of the city center, Park Cytadela is a sprawling park with a military museum. There’s a lot going on in this park, so you can spend a few hours just walking around and exploring.

Best Museums

For both these museums, entry is free on Saturday if you buy the Poznan City Card. Otherwise, standard entry cost is 12 PLN and 8 PLN, respectively.

  • National Museum in Poznan: One of the most important museums in Poland, you’ll see lots of paintings, modern art and portraits in this historic museum.
  • Poznan Archaeological Museum: Located in a 16th century palace, this museum has thousands of rare artifacts from North Africa and prehistoric Poland.


Stary Browar Shopping Center in Poznan, Poland

If you want to do some shopping during your time in Poznań, then you have to check out Stary Browar. We wandered into this mall from the nearby Park Dąbrowskiego
and were very impressed. It’s one of the coolest looking malls we’ve ever seen!

Built in an old brick brewery building, today the mall has countless shops selling everything you can imagine. There are also tons of cool coffee shops and restaurants.

Guided Tours

There are a bunch of great guided tours of Poznań, some paid and others free. During our time in Poznań, we only did one tour: the free hidden gems walking tour. It was an awesome tour, and we highly recommend doing it on one of your first days in Poznań. The same company also offers a free Old Town walking tour that is also supposed to be great.

If you are interested in getting a tour that showcases Poznań’s history and food, look no further than the Bites & Sights tour. This is a popular tour in Poznań and will allow you to learn about the city’s history while also trying delicious local cuisine.

Where To Eat & Drink

Dining area and bar in Pierożek i kompocik, a Polish restaurant in Poznan, Poland

The food scene in Poznań is definitely eclectic–you can try everything from authentic Polish food to international cuisines like Chinese, Turkish, and more. There’s also a great nightlife scene that is worth checking out if your visit falls on a weekend.

We were really impressed by the overall quality of food in Poznań. From the fancy restaurants to the tiny street food stands, everything we tried was delicious. And since everything is so affordable, it makes eating out often very feasible.

Best Polish Restaurants

Woman making pierogi at Pierozak Pierogarnia in Poznan, Poland

  • Pierożek i kompocik: Ambience meets delicious food at this popular, stylish restaurant. Here, you can order all the Polish classics and enjoy comfortable seating in a colorful atmosphere.
  • Pierozak Pierogarnia: If you want to watch pierogi getting made fresh in front of your own eyes, then this is the restaurant for you. They have a bunch of really creative pierogi options–we loved the pumpkin, cottage cheese and cinnamon pierogi.
  • Pierogarka: Looking for the local hole-in-the-wall spot? This is it! We almost couldn’t find this place because it is located on a back street that was undergoing construction. Boy are we glad we found it, because we’re still dreaming about their cherry and cream dessert pierogi.

International Cuisine

Crepes and cappuccinos from Manekin in Poznan, Poland

  • Manekin Poznań: This is the delicious breakfast place where we got some of the best crepes we’ve ever had. It was our first stop in Poznań, and it set the tone off right for our entire visit.
  • Ming Wok: If you’re craving Asian food, then this is the place to go. Their menu offers a wide range of Asian food, from Chinese to Thai to Vietnamese. We loved our beef pho and tofu fried rice.

Best Places to Grab a Drink

Belgian Beer on a table at Ministerstwo Browaru Pub in Poznan, Poland

  • Wrocławska Street: If you’re looking for a good area to experience Poznań’s nightlife, head to Wrocławska Street. You’ll find tons of bars and clubs that are packed with people on weekends.
  • Ministerstwo Browaru: Love laid back pubs with a great beer selection? Then this is your late night spot. This place is beloved by locals and also has a killer pub food menu.
  • Bar a Boo Stary Rynek Poznań: This classy joint specializes in delicious fruity cocktails and gourmet meals. This is the place to come if you’re looking to enjoy a delicious cocktail or two in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Where To Stay



  • Retro Hostel: Funky, old school hostel with reasonable rates plus free coffee and WiFi. It’s located in Poznan’s Old Town.
  • Poco Loco Hostel: Centrally located hostel in the heart of Old Town with travel-themed rooms.


Airbnb living room in Poznan, Poland

We absolutely loved our Airbnb. It was stylish, centrally located, and had a balcony overlooking a bustling street in the city center. If you’re new to Airbnb, here’s a link that’ll save you money on your first booking.

How To Get There

If you’re traveling to Poznań via another city in Poland, we highly recommend using FlixBus. We used FlixBus throughout the entirety of our travels in Poland and it was cheap, clean and reliable. They have WiFi on board and the bathrooms were always fairly clean. It’s really the best that you can ask for while traveling in Eastern Europe.

Final Thoughts

Poznań is a vibrant, hip city. There are so many great areas of the city to experience, so we would really recommend spending at least 3 days there. That will give you time to experience the city to its fullest extent.  However, if you have a full week, then do it! We spent a full week in Poznań and never ran out of fun things to do.

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