People in Montenegro really know how to have a good time. And most of the time, having a good time involves a café. In fact, it’s one of the first things we noticed about life in the capital city of this tiny country. At all hours of the day, you can find people socializing, drinking and grabbing a bite to eat on the patios of the dozens of cafés that line the streets.

This social cafe culture is a foreign concept to Americans, especially during the week. “Meet me for coffee at 7 PM?” our Airbnb host asks one Wednesday night. 7 PM!? This definitely qualifies as happy hour in the U.S., where we drink beer and cocktails–not coffee. Also, who can fall asleep after drinking coffee that late in the day? Europeans, that’s who.

While coffee is definitely the drink of choice during the week, weekend nights brings out a whole new side of the city. Stroll through the city center after sunset, and you’ll see local beers and fruity cocktails in the hands of patrons at every café and bar you pass.

People sitting next to fountain in Republic Square in Podgorica, Montenegro at night

We spent a Friday night exploring the nightlife scene in Podgorica. What we learned is that the nightlife is definitely very different from what we are used to.

What To Expect

Tuborg Beers at Zeppelin Bar in Podgorica, Montenegro

Much of Podgorica’s nightlife occurs in cafés. During the summer time, the cafés with the best patios are the most popular spots. But fret not if you are like us and can’t sleep if you drink coffee at 7 PM. These cafés also have beer, wine and sometimes alcohol on their menus.

There are also some cools bars and clubs in Podgorica, but we found that most of the nightlife occurs in the cafés. Especially if you are seeking an authentic nightlife experience, we recommend seeking out cool coffee shops and not rowdy bars. That’s how you’ll interact with the most locals.

Podgorica uses the euro, so that is the currency accepted at cafés and bars. Make sure to bring cash with you, since most of these places will not accept credit cards. We tried paying with a credit card almost everywhere we went, and the vast majority of places would not accept anything but cash.

We’ll tread lightly on this next note, since we don’t like being negative or making broad statements based on one bad experience. That being said, we had multiple negative experiences with our service in Podgorica. It could absolutely be that we are used to extremely friendly service since we are from the U.S. where tipping is standard.

However, the servers/bartenders that we had weren’t the friendliest. They even seemed downright annoyed when we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to order right away. Take this with a grain of salt, but we did read about similar experiences online that other foreigners have had in Podgorica.

Best Bars & Clubs

Man holding up drink in Saint Patrick Irish Pub in Podgorica, Montenegro

There were a few really cool bars/clubs that we discovered during our time in Podgorica. Most of the time, we drank at cafés like the locals. But these places are so cool, you can’t miss them.

  • Irish Pub Saint Patrick: This awesome pub was supposedly the first Irish pub in all of Montenegro! On the walls, you’ll find images of great musicians, fighters and movies. The atmosphere is definitely 10/10, and they even have great pub food that you can order with your drink.
  • Zeppelin Lounge, Bar & Pub: This is one of the more modern bars in Podgorica, with really cool woodwork everywhere. It’s really cheap to order a couple of beers then sit out on their beautiful patio and people watch.
  • Stiglic Vinyl Bar: Beloved by locals, this is a great place to enjoy your drink while listening to great music.
  • Berlin Cafe: The patio at Berlin is one of the best places to drink outside during the hot summer in Podgorica.

Most Popular Nightlife Areas

People sitting on a cafe patio at night in Podgorica, Montenegro

While there are great places to drink all over the city, we noticed there were a few areas that were more popular than others. In these areas, there were multiple cool spots right next door to each other. The outdoor patios were all full of people, and they were definitely the place to be in Podgorica.

  • Bokeška Street: This cute little street is lined by cafes, patios and beautiful greenery. During the summer, the patios fill up quickly with locals meeting friends for drinks. This is by far one of the best places to enjoy Podgorica’s nightlife.
  • Podgorica City Stadium: There’s more to the stadium than just sports. There are also a bunch of great cafes and bars located along the perimeter of the stadium, which are really cool spots. The stadium also sometimes hosts live music events, so be sure to check if there is anything going on while you are there.
  • Njegoševa Street: This is another great place to drink, with tons of bars right next to each other. They also have a lot of places where you can grab a late night bite to eat.


Menu showing drink prices from a bar in Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica uses the Euro and as you can see from the image above, prices are very cheap. We took the image above since it was pretty indicative of most of the prices for drinks in Podgorica. 2-3 euros for a drink is fairly standard.

Final Thoughts

Saint Patrick Irish Pub in Podgorica, Montenegro

Checking out the nightlife in Podgorica is a great way to get a taste for the city. And since the prices are so inexpensive, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Just make sure to take cash with you since most of these places do not accept credit cards.

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The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Podgorica, Montenegro

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