It’s amazing how laid back we’ve gotten about travel. We’ve now surpassed the two month mark since we quit our jobs to travel the world, and travel days are getting easier and easier. We can pack everything we own into our suitcases in 20 minutes flat, and we no longer worry about figuring out the local transportation systems.

Since the past two months have mostly brought us to landlocked cities in countries like Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, we decided we needed some quality beach time. We’ve always wanted to visit the Black Sea, so we decided to head to Constanta, Romania–a beautiful coastal city on the Black Sea.

That’s how we ended up in the Bucharest train station on a Sunday morning. We arrived about a half hour before our train was scheduled to depart. We still needed to purchase tickets and find our train, yet we’d never been more relaxed.

Amazing how travel can be so breezy and stress-free, huh? You should’ve seen us two months ago in LAX 5 hours before our flight was scheduled to depart! But seriously, taking the train from Bucharest to Constanta is a breeze. Read on for all the details to ensure your trip is as easy as ours was.

Purchasing Train Tickets

Train Ticket from Bucharest to Constanta with sunglasses and hat on table

The first step to taking the train from Bucharest to Constanta is figuring out which train you want to take. On most days, there are multiple trains departing from Bucharest to Constanta since it’s a fairly popular route–especially during the summer time.

We use a website called Virail, which lets you check train times and book tickets ahead of time. You even get a 5% discount if you book online. Even so, we still like to purchase our train tickets at the station in case there’s any problems.

You can take the train from a number of different railway stations in Bucharest, but we decided to use the main one that we came into. It’s called the Bucharest North Railway Station. When you arrived at the station, there are multiple ticket kiosks inside where you can purchase your tickets (don’t worry, the machine has an English option).

It only took us about 5 minutes to get out of our Uber, walk into the train station, find the kiosks and get our tickets printed out. We ended up having plenty of time to spare!

Bucharest North Railway Station

Bucharest North Railway Station

As we mentioned before, there are multiple train stations in Bucharest. However, the Bucharest North Railway Station is the main station. Inside, there are tons of food options. They have everything from authentic Romanian food to international classics like Subway and KFC.

They have big boards where you check where you train is departing from, since it won’t say it on your ticket. Ours left from gate 13, which was one of the first train tracks.

Train at Bucharest North Railway Station

All in all, the signs were very easy to follow and it was a seamless travel experience from buying our tickets to getting on the train. The train was even waiting a good 15 minutes early so everyone could get on and find their seats.

The Ride to Constanta

View out the train window on the way to Constanta

We’ve found that it’s best to stick to the seat assignment on your ticket. Some trains in Romania enforce, some don’t, and sometimes you may have someone kick you out of your seat since you’re in their assigned seat. For simplicity’s sake, we just sat in our assigned seat.

On our train, the second class cars had cabins with six seats in each. They had a table next to the window, and luggage racks overhead. Our cabin had 6 people in it to start, but a couple people got off quickly.

The ride to Constanta is fairly easy. Since it’s only scheduled to take about 2.5 hours, it was over quickly. Most of the views along the way were flat and boring, though we did cross over a few pretty bodies of water.

Second class cabin on a train to Constanta, Romania

The bathrooms are pretty gross, but that’s consistent with most public transport that we’ve taken in Eastern Europe. Bring your own toilet paper and soap if you think you’ll need to go.

There wasn’t wifi either. Again, most trains that we’ve been on in Eastern Europe don’t have wifi. We’ve found it’s best to download a few shows or movies on your Netflix app prior to leaving so that you have entertainment for the ride.

Arriving in Constanta

Constanta Railway Station

We arrived in Constanta right on time. The train station isn’t quite as big as the one in Bucharest, but it is pretty sizable. There’s lots of restaurants nearby if you need to grab a bite to eat or use the bathroom. There were a few cabs waiting in case you need end transportation to your accommodation.

Our Airbnb host picked us up at the train station, but we may have walked even if we didn’t have a ride. It’s only about a 20/25 minute walk to the city center.

What To Do In Constanta

Couple standing on Modern Beach in Constanta, Romania at sunrise

Constanta is first and foremost a beach town. Right on the coast of the Black Sea, most people come to Constanta to relax on the beach and get some quality R&R. This is the exact reason why we came, so we didn’t plan a whole lot to do in the city center.

Wandering through Old Town, visiting the beautiful Constanta Casino, or having a fun day at Aqua Park Mamaia are all great things to do in Constanta.

There are a bunch of great restaurants in Constanta. We ate at a Greek Restaurant called Nikos Greek Taverna that we highly recommend. Their salads and pita sandwiches are both delicious!

Final Thoughts

Taking the train from Bucharest to Constanta is an extremely easy trip. If you’re on edge about taking the plunge, do it! The ride is very short and easy, and we were so happy to get some beach time in on a hot summer day.

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