If you’re planning a visit to Yuma, AZ, it’s important to have some good options for things to do at night. While Yuma is characterized by its beautiful sunny days, it can get pretty hot during the day—especially during the summer. Thankfully, like most other desert locales, Yuma cools off significantly at night.

The sun setting in Yuma makes the downtown area come alive with people. Restaurants and bars fill up, with lots of fun options for things to do and see. We spent a beautiful spring weekend in Yuma and in addition to these 17 best things to do in Yuma, we also explored Yuma’s downtown area at night. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Yuma at night:

Catch a show at Yuma’s Historic Theatre

Yuma Historic Theatre | Jack and Gab Explore

Located inside the Art Center, the Yuma Historic Theatre is the perfect thing to do if you’re feeling a little artsy. The theatre puts on various performances throughout the month, including plays, dancing, music and much more. Check their website for an up to date list of upcoming events and shows.

Grab a Beer at Prison Hill Brewing Co.

Prison Hill Brewing Company in Yuma, AZ | Jack and Gab Explore
It’s easy to love Prison Hill Brewing Co. With a beautiful outdoor patio, plenty of indoor seating and a cool bar, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy your beer. There’s a great selection of IPAs, stouts and wheat beers, so there’s something for everyone.

They also have a great food menu if you get hungry while you’re there. We didn’t order any food, but we saw plenty of tantalizing dishes coming out the kitchen. Get the menu here.

Watch a Move at the Regency Cinemas Movie Theater

Movie Theater in Yuma, Arizona | Jack and Gab Explore

We love Netflix as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s fun to actually go to the movies. Enjoy the big screen and cushy seats and treat yourself to a big ole’ tub of popcorn.

Yuma’s Regency Cinemas is right on Main Street, so it’s a convenient walking distance from basically everything. Grab a drink at one of the many cool bars and then make your way to the movies for a relaxing night of entertainment. General Admission tickets at only $9.

Stop by Lutes Casino

Lutes Casino in Yuma, AZ | Jack and Gab Explore

There’s nothing like a dive bar in the Southwest. The wood accents, neon lights, and swinging doors make you feel as though you’re in the Wild West. Whether you stop by Lutes Casino for a drink, a game of pool, or even a meal, you’ll love your time in this unique time capsule.

Bonus points if you grab an ice cream cone to go!

Take a Stroll down Main Street

Main Street in Yuma, Arizona | Jack and Gab Explore

Yuma’s Main Street is a wonderful place to take an evening stroll. It’s well light with lights along both sides of the road, plus there are plenty of shops and restaurants to people watch and window shop.

We loved the “Downtown Yuma” sign at the end of Main Street. It makes a great photo opp!

Experience the Escape Room Yuma

Escape Room in Yuma, AZ | Jack and Gab Explore

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, then Escape Room Yuma is just the thing for you. This fun and  interactive game places players in a themed room. Then, players must use elements of the room to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape within 60 minutes.

This is the perfect thing to do if you are looking for an exciting and adventurous way to spend your night. The team-building element of the game makes it a great thing to do for date night! It’s $24 per person for this hour-long, exhilarating experience. Have fun!

Final Thoughts

The nightlife in Yuma definitely isn’t as lively as a big city, but there are plenty of fun things to do. It’s especially nice to be able to stroll down one main street and choose what you want to do. Everyone is friendly, plus the prices are very reasonable.

One thing to note is that many of the smaller retail shops tend to close on the earlier side. Not to worry, as many of the bars and restaurants stay open fairly late.

In addition to exploring Yuma at night, we also have a great post on the “17 Best Things To Do in Yuma, AZ, which outlines some of our favorite things that we did during the day. We also have all the information you need about “Exploring the Imperial Sand Dunes“, which are only a short drive from Yuma.

Don’t forget to let us know how you spend your night in Yuma in the comments!

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Fun Things To Do At Night in Yuma, AZ

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