Nothing says summer in Eastern Europe quite like a beach day on the Black Sea. Our trip to Constanta, Romania was originally planned for selfish reasons: to spend as much time on the beach as possible. But it quickly became something more as we witnessed far more locals than tourists soaking up the sun in this picturesque spot.

Since we only had two full days in Constanta, we made the most of our time and went to the beach for hours each day. Our beach days fell on a Monday and Tuesday, and while the beaches definitely weren’t crowded, we were surprised how many locals turned up at 9 AM to get some beach time before heading off to work.

Sunrise on Modern Beach in Constanta, Romania

As much as we loved Constanta for its beautiful beaches and warm water, we were also pleasantly surprised at how cute the city center is. There are charming streets, great shopping, and of course, amazing restaurants. We created this guide to help people visiting Constanta based on what we did during our time there.

What To Do

Best Beaches

Waves crashing on Modern Beach in Constanta, Romania

The beaches in Constanta are amazing. They aren’t too crowded, plus the water gets super warm in the summer. We recommend checking out as many as you can!

Also, if you are an early bird like we are, make sure to check out a sunrise! Constanta faces east, so it has picturesque views of the sun rising over the Black Sea. It’s a sight you can’t miss!

Modern Beach

Couple standing on Modern Beach in Constanta, Romania at sunrise

We spent most of our time on Modern Beach for the simple fact that it was the closest beach to our Airbnb. It’s also a great beach for other reasons, there’s a beach shack selling drinks and snacks, plus surprisingly clean port-a-pottys in case you need to use the bathroom.

They have lounge chairs available for rent, but most people just use their own towels. The lounge chairs are pretty far back from the water and they charge quite a bit to rent them for the day.

Even when we briefly came to modern beach on a Sunday afternoon, it wasn’t too busy. There was still plenty of room to lay out our towels far enough from other people.

Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, water and bug spray (I got a very itchy bite inside my belly button from laying on the beach here!).

Zoom Beach

Food and drink shack on Zoom Beach in Constanta, Romania

Zoom Beach is located directly north of Modern Beach, and it’s fairly similar. There’s a cute beach shack where you can buy drinks and snacks, with seating if you want to take a break from the sun.

We didn’t spend much time on this beach but we did walk across it and it looked pretty cool. Again, not too crowded and plenty of waterside real estate to set up your towel.

Mamaia Beach

Mamaia Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Constanta. We chose not to come here because it was pretty far from our Airbnb and the downtown area. Plus, we’ve heard this is the most crowded and touristy beach in Constanta.

Most people come because it’s very close to Aqua Magic Park, the popular water park in Constanta. This is definitely a great place to go if you have kids, since there are plenty of slides and games to keep the whole family entertained all day.

Exploring the City Center

Wall showing attractions in Constanta, Romania

The city center is fairly small since Constanta isn’t that large of a city. We did a little exploring, but mostly we just stayed on the beach. Here are a few of the best things to do in Constanta that don’t involved the beach:

  • Constanta Casino: A beautiful old casino that is located right next to the Black Sea. The building sits in ruins and is no longer open, but it’s a beautiful building to check out.
  • The Mosque of Constanta: If you love experiencing different religions like we do, then this beautiful mosque is a great spot. You can admire the beautiful architecture from the outside, or pay a small fee to enter.
  • Museum of National History and Archaeology: Interested in a little history lesson while you’re in Constanta? Then this is the place to do it. Learn all about the history of the Roman Empire.

Best Places to Eat

Rather than give you a whole slew of places to check out, we’re going to recommend two amazing places. One is perfect for a nice sit-down dinner in a beautiful restaurant, and one is perfect for a casual bite to eat.

Niko’s Greek Taverna

Pita Sandwich from Niko's Greek Taverna in Constanta, Romania

Niko’s Greek Taverna is one of the most popular places for locals to eat in Constanta. We can definitely see why–the food is incredibly fresh and delicious, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is charming and relaxing. Every time we walked by Niko’s on the way to the beach, there was a line of food delivery guys waiting outside to deliver food.

We ordered an eggplant salad and a pita sandwich–both were absolutely delicious. The best part was that the entire bill cost only about $9 USD. Talk about a bargain!

Dabo Doner

Chicken Shwarma Sandwiches from Dabo Doner in Constanta, Romania

Dabo Doner is a very successful Turkish fast food chain in Romania. We were drawn to their colorful orange exterior and patio seating. We picked up a couple chicken sandwiches which were incredible!

Since this place is so close to Modern Beach, it’s definitely an awesome spot to pick up lunch then bring it to the beach to eat. But since they have a nice patio, you can also enjoy your food there.

How to Get to Constanta

Train at Bucharest North Railway Station

If you are in Bucharest, getting to Constanta is fairly simple. You can take either a bus or a train, but we ended up deciding to take the train. It’s very inexpensive and easy to do, and you can check out our blog post on “How to Travel from Bucharest to Constanta by Train” for more information.

Final Thoughts

Constanta is a beautiful place to take a summer vacation. With perfect beaches and a charming city center, you get the best of both worlds in Constanta. In the winter time, we’ve heard the city is almost like a ghost town!

We recommend booking a hotel, hostel or Airbnb as close to the beach as possible since that’s probably where you’ll spend most of your time. Plus, many of the best shops and restaurants are also close to the water.

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