Vilnius really surprised us by becoming one of our favorite new cities. It’s quirky, vibrant, and full of life. Part of the reason why we love Vilnius so much is that is has an amazing food scene. The restaurants are very much focused on cooking naturally-sourced and organic food, so there’s a lot of good healthy options.

You definitely can’t leave Vilnius without trying authentic Lithuanian food. It has very unusual textures and flavors, and it’s worth trying a few dishes. But if it doesn’t float your boat, you can also choose from a number of international cuisines like Middle Eastern, Asian, Italian, and more.

Also, the food prices are very affordable. While Lithuania does use the Euro for its currency, the prices are much lower than you might find in Western European countries on the Euro. You can easily get a hearty entree for around 5 euros in Vilnius. Most places accept credit cards, so that makes eating out even easier.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants that we tried during our time in Vinius, Lithuania.

9 Best Restaurants in Vilnius, Lithuania

1. Etno Dvaras

Etno Dvaras sign on a street in Old Town in Vilnius, Lithuania

Etno Dvaras is a local chain that has 3 locations in Vilnius. They serve traditional Lithuanian food, so this is a great first restaurant for your time in Vilnius. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very laid-back and ambient, and the prices are very reasonable.

Šaltibarščiai, or cold beet root soup, a traditional Lithuanian soup

If you’re wondering what food to try, start with a Cold Beet Root Soup. This bright purple soup is a Lithuanian classic, and it’s a very photogenic food to order for your appetizer. They also have excellent potato pancakes that we recommend trying!

2. ZATAR Falafel & Hummus

Falafel and hummus plates from ZATAR Falafel and Hummus in Vilnius, Lithuania

3 words to describe ZATAR Falafel and Hummus? Healthy, affordable and delicious. This modern Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant is very popular with the younger crowd in Vilnius, and for good reason. They offer delicious and healthy vegan meals at very affordable prices.

This place is counter-serve, so it’s definitely not the place to come if you’re looking for a fancy dinner. They do have a really cool dining room upstairs, so we recommend eating up there.

3. Pinavija Cafe & Bakery

Kibinai from Pinavija Cafe & Bakery in Vilnius, Lithuania

Pinavija is one of the best cafes/bakeries in all of Vilnius. it’s also a great place to try another Lithuanian classic: the kibinai! These delicious pastries are baked to perfection then filled with meat, cheese, veggies, or a combination of all three. We became pretty obsessed with them during our time in Vilnius and had them at least 3 or 4 times.

They also have a bunch of other fresh, delectable pastries to choose from. The prices are a little more than at other bakeries, but it’s well worth it because the quality is so good.

4. Georgian House

Tables and chandelier in Georgian House, a restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania

If you’ve ever tried Georgian food, then you know how spicy, flavorful and delicious the cuisine is. We first tried Georgian food back in our old neighborhood in San Diego, California and quickly became obsessed with it. That’s why we were so excited to see a Georgian restaurant in Vilnius! Georgian House is the perfect combination of classy atmosphere and great food.

5. Beigelistai

Halle Market in Vilnius, Lithuania

Located inside the wonderful Halle Market, Beigelistai can’t be missed if you’re craving a delicious bagel sandwich for breakfast or lunch (or dinner! We don’t judge). Even if you decided against having a bagel, it’s worth it to stop by because you can stroll around the massive market that has everything from fresh produce and beauty products to baked goods and clothes.

Lox Bagel from Beigelistai in Vilnius, Lithuania

They have a wonderful bagel menu, ranging from the basics with cream cheese or butter and working its way up to more acquired tastes like lox and capers. Jack had a caprese-style bagel with fresh mozzarella that was delicious…

6. Casa La Familia

Employee making pizza at Casa La Familia in Vilnius, Lithuania
Source: TripAdvisor

Casa La Familia is hailed by many as the best pizza spot in all of Vilnius. It was only a couple blocks from our Airbnb and every time we walked past it, we could smell the delicious fresh pizzas getting made. They also make vegan pizzas, which is awesome!

7. Žemaičių ąpotis

Mugs hanging from the ceiling at Žemaičių ąpotis in Vilnius, Lithuania

Žemaičių ąpotis is definitely a bit more off the beaten track, located up a hill and away from the heart of touristy Old Town. This means that it’s definitely more of a local spot. If you want to try some traditional Lithuanian food away from the bustle of other tourists, then this is a great spot.

Cepelinai from Žemaičių ąpotis in Vilnius, Lithuania

At Žemaičių ąpotis, you can order more palatable Lithuanian classics like the cepelinai (a grated potato dumpling served with sour cream). You can also be adventurous and try pig’s ear like we did, but we can’t promise that you’ll like it!

8. Šnekutis

Man holding 2 plates of Lithuanian food from Šnekutis in Vilnius, Lithuania

Another favorite spot among locals, Šnekutis is a local pub chain that has a great selection of beer, a cheap food menu, and great wifi. Whether you come here for a bite to eat or a pint of beer, you’ll love the relaxed atmosphere at Šnekutis.

We tried the cabbage roll and the potato pudding. While the potato pudding wasn’t our favorite, the cabbage roll was really yummy!

9. Chačapuri

Georgian Food from Chačapuri Restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania

I know, I know. Another Georgian Restaurant? We couldn’t resist. This place is more of a hole-in-the-wall spot, but boy is the food good. Chačapuri serves up delicious traditional Georgian food in humble digs with affordable prices. What’s not to love?

Final Thoughts

You’ve got a LOT of awesome food options in Vilnius. We recommend trying Lithuanian food at least a few times, because some dishes are easier to love than others.

Also, do your health a favor and embrace the vegan and health food movement in Vilnius by eating at least one vegan or vegetarian meal. We promise, it’s delicious!

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9 Best Restaurants in Vilnius, Lithuania

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