Mostar isn’t a city that we thought would have much of a nightlife scene. After all, most of the draw of this city is its peaceful beauty and raw history. But after spending a few nights exploring different bars, we were pleasantly surprised by Mostar’s nightlife.

One thing we noticed is that many of the cafes double as bars. During the day, you can order a cup of coffee or an espresso. At night, you can visit the same place and enjoy a beer or vodka (my liquor of choice!) out on the patio. For Europeans, this is the way it’s done in most places. But for Americans, this is a new concept! It’s the best of both worlds.

Many of the places in this list were recommended directly by our Airbnb host Žarko, who has lived in Mostar his whole life. We asked for him to recommend the best places that are loved by locals, not touristy places. We think he gave amazing recommendations, but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself when you are in Mostar!

1. Grab a Drink at Cafe Coco Loco

Coco Loco Cafe in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cafe Coco Loco is a beloved bar among locals of Mostar. Surrounded by bright and vibrant art and funky music, you’ll love the relaxing vibe at Coco Loco. Inside, there is plenty of seating with tables and stools.

But the best place to be in the summer is on Coco Loco’s back patio. Much of it is covered by trees and umbrellas so it’s almost always shady and cool. They even have an outdoor bar so you don’t have to go inside to order your drink.

We ordered a beer and a vodka with orange juice while we were there, and the total came out to 4.50 marks, or about $2.60 USD. Definitely a great way to have an inexpensive drink and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

2. Go Bowling with friends

Bowling alley in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The bowling center at Mepas Mall is the perfect way to stay active while also enjoying the nightlife scene. Located on the fourth floor of the mall, stop by for a fun night with friends. Prices start at 10 marks per hour, so it’s a great value.

They also have food and beverages that you can order to make the game even more fun. If that doesn’t work for you, try stopping by the bar next door before you play.

3. Order a Beer at Shankly’s Pub

Shankly's Pub in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shankly’s Pub is another spot that’s very popular among locals. Situated a bit further away from the main tourist areas, you’re sure to have an authentic Bosnian drinking experience at Shankly’s. Its interiors are decorated with spots memorabilia from throughout the ages, and there’s almost always a sports game on TV.

4. Catch a movie at the cinema

Movie theater in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Another great way to enjoy a night in Mostar is by catching a movie. There is a movie theater in Mepas Mall on the same floor as the bowling alley (fourth floor). They screen new releases in modern theaters with comfy seating.

Prices vary depending on what time of the day you go and if you want to see a 3-D screening, but everything looked very affordable. Make sure to check for English screenings!

5. Enjoy the colorful patio at Tempera Cafe

Tempera Cafe Patio in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovnia

We strolled by Tempera Cafe one afternoon and couldn’t resist checking this place out. The colorful patio is the perfect place to enjoy a drink on a warm summer’s night, and they even have a bar and indoor seating for cooler nights.

6. Grab a drink overlooking the river

Holding a beer with the Neretva River in the background in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are countless cafes and bars situated right along the Neretva River. This is one of the best places to be at night, since there is lots of people watching and entertainment. Plus, it’s way cooler during the summer because there’s a breeze!

Take your pic of a scenic spot, then order a drink and prepare to relax and enjoy the views. We picked a spot just west of the Stari Most bridge called Karma and loved the people watching.

Final Thoughts

Mostar’s nightlife scene is definitely quieter compared to larger cities, but there is still plenty to do! We love the option to have a drink on a patio and enjoy the nice weather.

Even better, the prices were truly inexpensive when compared with the prices that we are accustomed to in the U.S. A few marks for a drink is very standard.

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6 Fun Ways to Enjoy Mostar's Nightlife Scene

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  1. Also: 1) Calamus club(on top a building, great terrace); 2) Niđe Veze (great pancakes and pizza, next to a river); 3) Megi (best pizza in town); 3) Black Dog Pub (probably the best pub in town); Duradžik (bar with live rock music).

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