Shopping for holiday gifts is simultaneously the best and the worst. It’s fun getting gifts for loved ones, but what happens when you can’t quite think of the perfect gift for someone who’s important to you!?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that travel lover in your life, then this holiday gift guide is for you! These gifts are actually practical gifts that any traveler would love. They are tried and tested by these two travelers who have been on the road for 6 months!

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So let’s get started! Here are 17 perfect gifts for travel lovers.

17 Perfect Gifts for Travel Lovers [2019 Holiday Gift Guide]

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Travel Camera Gear by Jack and Gab Explore

We’re going to start with the least expensive items, then work our way up to the pricier ones. Each of these items are useful for travelers, it just depends on how much you’re looking to spend.

The prices are accurate at the time of writing this post. Note that prices may have increased or decreased since the post was published. Enjoy!

1. Portable Travel Bottles – $7.99

Portable Travel Bottles

These portable travel bottles are amazing because they’re leak-proof and squeezable. So you always get every last drop! We’ve been using them since we started traveling and we love them.

2. Personalized Luggage Tag – $14.95

Personalized Luggage Tag

Who wouldn’t love a personalized luggage tag? It totally takes your luggage to the next level. Plus, it’s practical and allows airports to easily identify the luggage should it get lost.

3. RFID-Blocking Wallet – $24.99

RFID Blocking Wallet.jpg

An RFID-blocking wallet helps keep your money safe while you travel. It prevents thieves from scanning your private financial information without you even realizing. We love this classy looking one from Columbia.

4. Lifestraw Water Bottle – $26.99

Lifestraw Water Bottle.jpg

Buying a lifestraw water bottle is probably the smartest thing we did before we started traveling! They allow you to safely drink the water from any country. The removable filter gets rid of any of the harmful bacterias that could upset your stomach.

Plus, it saves the environment from all those plastic bottles you would be buying otherwise!

5. Stainless Steel Yeti Travel Mug – $29.99

Stainless Steel Yeti Tumbler.jpg

If you’re a coffee fiend like us, then a Yeti Travel Mug is a necessity! It keeps your coffee warm (or cold if you like iced coffee!) and you don’t have to worry about it leaking.

6. A cookbook from their favorite country (prices vary)

Italian Cookbook.jpg

If your loved one loves traveling for the delicious cuisines, then why not get them a cookbook from their favorite country? It’ll let them pursue their passion of travel and food even when they’re at home.

We love this simple Italian cookbook. They may even decide to cook you a delicious meal 🙂

7. Inateck Backpack – $39.99

Inateck Backpack.jpg

Gab has been using this exact Inateck backpack since we started traveling and she loves it. It has a hidden anti-theft compartment that we keep our passports in, plus a charging port, comfy padded straps and it’s water resistant.

It’s an overall wonderful travel backpack and the price makes it a bargain!

8. Outlet Adapter – $37.99

Travel Outlet Adapter.jpg

It might not be the most exciting gift, but a travel outlet adapter is extremely practical. It ensures that your electronics work, no matter what country you’re in.

9. Anker portable charger – $49.99

Anker portable charger.jpg

For long travel days, the Anker portable charger is literally a life saver. It can charge an iPhone 8 almost 7 times!!

We have two of these and we always make sure they’re fully charged before any travel day. That way, we can use our phones as much as we want without fear of running out of battery.

10. Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – $49.99

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones.jpg

There’s nothing worse than a screaming baby on a long flight. These noise cancelling bluetooth headphones solve that problem!

11. CamelBak Hydration Pack – $54.97

CamelBak Hydration Pack.jpg

This gift is PERFECT for the active traveler who does a lot of hiking while they’re exploring. The CamelBak Hydration Pack allows you to carry 85 oz of water with you wherever you go. Plus, the drinking tube makes it easy to stay hydrated.

12. Priority Pass – Starting at $99

Priority Pass lounge.jpg

We love having a priority pass--it allows us to get into lounges in airports all over the world. It truly makes flying a breeze, and we no longer dread long layovers. We got ours with our Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, but you can also get one here.

13. Women’s Reversible North Face Jacket – $148.95

North Face Women's Reversible Jacket.jpg

Having a reversible jacket should be a necessity for cold weather travel. It’s so versatile and it saves so much room.

14. GoPro Hero 5 – $202.00

GoPro Hero 5.jpg

The GoPro Hero 5 looks so cool that we had to put it on this list, even though we’re still rocking an old GoPro! We’ll be looking to upgrade to this awesome gadget soon 🙂

15. DJI Osmo Pocket – $309.00

DJI Osmo Pocket.jpg

We use the DJI Osmo Pocket to shoot all our travel videos and we are OBSESSED. It’s so light and small that you can literally stick it in your pocket (hence the name).

It allows you to capture cinematic footage and pictures without having to worry about carrying a massive camera around. We highly recommend this gadget!

16. TUMI Suitcase – $609.00

Jack got this suitcase as a gift and he’s been using it ever since we started traveling. It’s definitely not the cheapest suitcase out there, but it’s extremely durable and useful.

17. DJI Mavic Air – $765

DJI Mavic Air.jpg

We totally understand that most people will not want to spend this much money on a gift. But the DJI Mavic Air is such a cool travel item that we had to include it! This is the drone that we use to shoot incredible 4K footage from up above.

Plus, you can use it for more practical purposes like land surveying, too!

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect travel gift for your friends and family. Traveling is an eye-opening experience so kudos to you for supporting the passion to travel 🙂

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