Most of the time when we’re traveling, we try cooking instead of eating out since it’s so much cheaper. In fact, we’ve found it’s one of the best ways to save money while traveling. But in Poznań, the restaurants were so delicious and affordable that we couldn’t resist eating out a ton! If you play your cards right, it’s entirely possible to get a nice dinner for two for under $10 USD.

Even better, there’s a really wide variety of restaurants. Of course, there are tons of Polish restaurants. But there’s also Italian, Japanese, American, Chinese, and so much more. It’s a foodie’s paradise!

Based on our week that we spent there, here are the 13 incredible restaurants in Poznan, Poland:

13 Incredible Restaurants in Poznań, Poland

1. Pierożek i kompocik

Dining area and bar in Pierożek i kompocik, a Polish restaurant in Poznan, Poland

Pierożek i kompocik is the perfect restaurant if you’re looking for an authentic Polish meal. With a stylish, modern interior, this restaurant has an atmosphere that is almost as great as the food. They also have a patio, but we really enjoyed sitting in the comfy booths inside.

Ruskie pierogies from Pierożek i kompocik in Poznan, Poland

The Ruskie Pierogi is a wonderful thing to order at Pierożek i kompocik. They’re warm, fresh and flavorful, and they’re overall some of the best pierogi we’ve had in Poland. To finish our meal, we tried a shot of fruity Polish vodka that was the perfect end to an already delicious meal.

2. Manekin

Crepes and cappuccinos from Manekin in Poznan, Poland

If you are looking for a delicious and affordable breakfast spot, Manekin is the place for you. Their delicious crepes are some of the best we’ve ever had. They also make a damn good cappuccino! This isn’t exactly surprising, seeing as they have some of the best reviews out of any restaurant in Poznań.

We ordered a sweet crepe with berries and mascarpone, a savory crepe with chicken and mozzarella, and two cappuccinos. All in all, our meal cost about $10 USD–a total bargain.

3. Pierozak Pierogarnia

Woman making pierogi at Pierozak Pierogarnia in Poznan, Poland

There’s something to be said about seeing pierogies get made fresh in front of your eyes. Pierozak Pierogarnia provides that opportunity, with employees handmaking pierogi with different fillings at the front of the restaurant.

The menu has some really crazy pierogi fillings that you can order. Our favorite was the pumpkin, cottage cheese and cinnamon, but the duck and apple one was pretty good, too.

4. Ming Wok

Tofu fried rice from Ming Wok in Poznan, Poland

Ming Wok is a go-to restaurant for many locals when they’re craving Asian food. With cuisines ranging from Chinese to Vietnamese to Thai, there’s something for everyone. They have a beautiful dining area, but they also offer to-go if you’re hoping to score take-out for a lazy night in.

We tried both their beef pho and the tofu fried rice. Both were wonderful and very flavorful.

  • Facebook Page: Ming Wok Poznan
  • TripAdvisor Page: Ming Wok
  • Cuisine: Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai)
  • Address: Ratajczaka 18, 61-891 Poznań
  • Price: $

5. Brovaria

Food from Brovaria - TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor

Brovaria is a popular restaurant in Poznan for a more upscale dining experience. Located centrally in Old Market Square, Brovaria draws a crowd of mostly tourists looking to try Polish and European cuisine.

The cool part about Brovaria is that in addition to being a restaurant, it is also a brewery and a hotel. Check out their menu here.

6. Pierogarka

Dining area and counter at Pierogarka in Poznan, Poland

Pierogarka has the authentic, hole-in-the-wall feel that you’d expect when you find a beloved local spot. With all sorts of Polish classics on the menu, you’ll love eating at this casual Polish restaurant.

Cherries and cream pierogies from Pierogarka in Poznan, Poland

Our favorite thing that we ordered was the cherries and cream pierogies. With the tart flavor of cherries inside and the sweet creamy sauce on top, they were bursting with delicious flavor.

7. YetzTu

Ramen from YetzTu - TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor

Japanese food in Poland!? Yeah, that was pretty much our reaction, too. But YetzTu has a reputation for excellence, serving up steaming hot portions of ramen and other Japenese delicacies.

8. Gołe baby

Burger and fries from Gole Baby in Poznan, Poland

When we got a craving for a burger one Saturday night, we decided to check out Gołe baby. This late-night burger spot is located on Wrocławska Street, which is one of the popular areas for drinking and partying in Poznan. So it’s no surprise that a killer burger place is located nearby to satisfy those cravings.

This is definitely a more casual spot, and seating is pretty limited. So while it’s not the best spot for a date night, it is a great spot to pick up a delicious and cheap meal. In addition to serving burgers, they also have fries with all sorts of toppings. Yum!

  • Facebook Page: GOŁE BABY
  • TripAdvisor Page: Gole Baby
  • Cuisine: Hamburgers/Fast Food
  • Address: Wrocławska 17, 61-838 Poznań
  • Price: $

9. Wiejskie Jadło

Platter of food from Wiejskie Jadło Poznan - TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor

Wiejskie Jadło is another great restaurant located in Old Market Square. If you’re looking to try some authentic and delicious Polish food, this is a great place to come. The meals and portions are very hearty so you definitely won’t leave hungry!

10. Cucina 88

Food from Cucina 88 Restaurant - TripAdvisor

Cucina 88 is an upscale restaurant with an excellent wine selection. The romantic ambience of this restaurant makes it the perfect place for a date night. Even better, they have a tasting menu that lets you try a little bit of everything.

11. Ministerstwo Browaru Pub

Ministerstwo Browaru Pub in Poznan, Poland

Ministerstwo Browaru Pub is a spot that is beloved by locals, especially during the summertime for their beautiful patio. If you’re looking to sample delicious Belgian beers with your dinner, then this is the place to come. We love this type of casual bar that also has delicious food. It makes for an awesome place to relax with friends or have a low-key date night.

12. Na Winklu

Dumplings from Na Winklu in Poznan, Poland- TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor

Na Winklu is a Polish restaurant where you can sample all different types of pierogies, a Polish delicacy. If it’s your first time trying a pierogi, start out with the traditional boiled pierogies. From there, you can become more adventurous with your pierogi orders.

  • Facebook Page: Na Winklu
  • TripAdvisor Page: Na Winklu
  • Cuisine: Polish
  • Address: Śródka 1, 61-125 Poznań
  • Price: $$

13. Restauracja “Papierówka”

PAPIEROWKA Restaurant - TripAdvisor

Restauracja Papierówka is a modern, innovative restaurant that pushes the limits of traditional Polish food. Since the restaurant is a bit more off the beaten track, you can usually avoid the tourist crowds that more central restaurants tend to draw. Overall, this place is well worth a visit!

Final Thoughts

The food scene in Poznań truly speaks for itself. It is shocking how many delicious restaurants there are, and yet the prices are so affordable! If you’re planning a trip to Poznań, definitely plan on doing plenty of walking so you can burn off some of the calories from eating all this delicious food 🙂

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