Klaipeda could probably best be described as a charming seaside fishing city. It has the charm of a much smaller town, yet the population is around 150,000 people. This means that there is still plenty to do and a ton of great restaurants.

Despite all this, planning a trip to Klaipeda can be really hard. When we first started researching what to do in this beautiful port city, we could hardly find anything online! Klaipeda may be a beautiful and historical city right on the Baltic Sea, but there doesn’t seem to be an over-tourism issue in any sense of the word.

We were happy that this was the case during our visit in early October because there were basically no other tourists in sight. We got to explore the city without hoards of people at all the same sights we were at which was awesome.

11 Great Things To Do In Klaipeda, Lithuania

1. Stroll through Old Town

Cobblestone street in Klaipeda's Old Town

Klaipeda has a gorgeous and historic Old Town, which is a great place to start exploring the city center. The cobblestone streets are lined with great shopping, restaurants and cafes. Old Town is definitely the best area to stay in, as well. We booked an Airbnb right in the heart of Old Town and it was great because we were close to everything.

Fun fact: Since Klaipeda was part of the Prussian Empire until WWI, a lot of the architecture is actually German!

2. Spend a day exploring the Curonian Spit


If you’re planning a trip to Klaipeda, you definitely can’t miss a visit to the Curonian Spit! This narrow slice of land is nearly 100 km long and connects Klaipeda with the Kaliningrad region of Russia. The views of the Baltic Sea from the Curonian Spit are truly breathtaking.

It only costs 1 Euro round trip to take the pedestrian ferry from Klaipeda. You can either rent bikes or walk around and spend the day exploring this magnificent national park. From the evergreen forests to the stunning beaches, there is so much to see and do.

3. Explore the Riverside Promenade


In addition to being located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda also has the DanÄ— River that runs right through the city center. The beautiful riverside promenade on either side of the river is a great place to walk and explore.

There are tons of benches to sit on along the way if you want to stop and take in the views. We loved looking at all the fishing boats and men casting their fishing lines into the river.

4. Visit Theatre Square


Theatre Square is one of the main squares in Old Town. In this beautiful square, there is a famous statue of Ann from Tharau. Behind the statue is the Drama Theatre, which has been an important part of culture in Klaipeda for centuries.

5. Have dinner on a restored ship


Meridianas is a restored ship that was used in the 1940’s as a navigation school. Today, it is a unique and classy restaurant where visitors can eat for a romantic dinner. The restaurant on the ship, Restoranas Meridianas, is definitely a little pricey, but worth it for this unique and historic experience.

6. Admire the awesome street art and sculptures in town

We had read ahead of time that Klaipeda has awesome street art and sculptures, but seeing them in person was really impressive! While street art is pretty common in cities, street sculptures definitely aren’t so it was fun seeing which statues we could stumble upon. Our favorite was the red dragon climbing down a wall on a side street.

7. Visit Senasis turgus (Old Bazaar)


Senasis Turgus is the Old Bazaar marketplace in Klaipeda. While it’s definitely not the most impressive market we’ve ever seen, they do have some great fresh produce stands set up outside. Inside the market, it’s mostly butchers selling raw meat but there’s also a delicious bakery where we picked up 2 pastries for only 1 euro.

8. Try some fresh seafood


You can’t visit a city on the coast without trying some seafood! Klaipeda has all sorts of seafood specialties, and herring seems to be among the most popular. We tried some herring at a local restaurant and while it was definitely very “fishy” tasting, it tasted great with some sauce and veggies.

9. Visit the Klaipeda Castle Museum

Klaipeda’s Castle was once the center point in town–everything was built around its location. Today, times have changed but you can still learn about the castle in authentic 16th-18th century chambers at Klaipeda’s Castle Museum.

10. Head to LEIKA baras to experience nightlife


If you like laid-back bars with great music and cool art, then LEIKA baras is the place for you. We stumbled upon this place on a Friday night and loved listening to rock n’ roll music while sipping a cheap drink in comfy seats. It’s definitely more of a local scene, which we love.

11. Have a scenic bite to eat at Meat Lovers


Take in all the beautiful sights of the sea and the nearby ferry port as you eat your meal at Meat Lovers. Located right on the water, this restaurant has food that is every bit as good as the views.

We tried the Canadian Poutine fries, chicken wings, and chili and loved it all. It was a wonderful way to warm up after spending a chilly day exploring the Curonian Spit.

Final Thoughts

Klaipeda is awesome, but it’s definitely not the big, artistic, bustling city that Vilnius is. But Klaipeda has a draw of its own–it’s relaxing and has more natural beauty than many cities in the Baltics. We’d recommend incorporating at least a few days in Klaipeda if your travels take you to Lithuania.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a great place to stay in Klaipeda, check out our Airbnb right in the heart of Old Town. Our host was super nice and the place was stylish and had a fully stocked kitchen.

11 Great Things To Do In Klaipeda, Lithuania

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