Riga has one of the most thriving night scenes we’ve ever seen for a city of its size. The city truly comes alive after the sun sets, with pubs, bars, clubs, all filling up with locals and tourists looking to have a good time. And while the weekends are certainly the best time to experience Riga’s nightlife, weeknights can also be a blast.

We were lucky enough to spend two full weeks in Riga. During that time, we were lucky to stay right in the heart of Old Town and got a really good feel for the nightlife. We grabbed drinks at countless awesome bars, and we hope this list helps you plan for an awesome nightlife experience in Riga.


So without further ado, here are some of our favorite bars and clubs that we visited during our time in Riga, Latvia.

11 Coolest Bars & Clubs in Riga, Latvia

There are a TON of great places to drink in Riga. Seriously. Just throw a stone and you’ll hit one. Don’t be afraid to just go out and explore and pick a place that looks fun.

Different places are popular at different times, but it seems like one thing is certain: people like to party late into the night in Riga! We noticed that most bars and clubs were open until between 3 to 5 AM. Some bars are even open until 8 AM!

We tried to make this list a pretty good mix of bars so you can see the full spectrum of places in Riga. If there’s a place that you think should have made this list, drop us a comment below!

1. Omas Briljants

Great music and fast service in a lively atmosphere

Two glasses of wine with the dance floor of Omas Briljants in the background | Riga, Latvia

Omas Briljants was our favorite bar that we discovered during our time in Riga. They had amazing music, a really great atmosphere, plus the best service out of any bar we went to. We just stumbled upon it while walking by and knew we had to go in. The place was brimming with people and just looked fun.

Downstairs, there is a bar and various tables for a more relaxed drinking atmosphere. Upstairs, there’s another bar and seating, plus a small dance floor located next to a DJ booth. The DJ was playing awesome old school American hip hop music while we were there and the entire bar was loving it.

2. KwakInn

Great Belgian Beer selection in a relaxed atmosphere

Man drinking Belgian Beer in KwakInn Bar in Riga, Latvia

If you’re a fan of Belgian Beer, then you’ll love KwakInn. They have a great selection of Belgian beers on tap, plus an awesome food menu (try the mussels!). Don’t worry if you don’t like beer because they also have pretty much every other drink imaginable.

The atmosphere in this place is really awesome and relaxed. Seating is limited and it does fill up quickly so make sure you turn up early if you want a good spot.

3. Aussie Backpackers’ Pub

Relax with fellow travelers over cheap drinks

Aussie Backpackers' Club in Riga, Latvia

For foreigners visiting Riga, the Aussie Backpackers’ Pub is an awesome place to come. The upper levels of this bar are a popular hostel, but the bottom floors are a bar open to the public. The drinks are super cheap and there are some great areas to hang out.

When we visited, there was a rather intense round of beer pong going on in the basement. Upstairs, the vibe was a little more calm. A soccer game was on and people were drinking beer and chatting.

4. Skyline Bar

Ritzy rooftop bar with panoramic views

Be prepared to spend a little more if you decide to head to Skyline Bar. But don’t worry, the panoramic views of the Riga skyline make it all worth it! This one is also a little outside of the main Old Town area if you want to explore a new area of Riga.

The cocktails are definitely the thing to order here. Come after dark to see the Riga skyline all lit up–it’s beautiful!

5. Cuba Cafe

Cuban themed cocktail bar

Woman drinking in Cuba Cafe in Riga, Latvia

Cuba Cafe is a must for all fans of Cuban culture. This place is decked out in all things Cuba–from the chairs and decor to the drink and snack menu.

If you decide to visit Cuba Cafe, do yourself a favor and order the Cuba Libre. It’s a delicious rum cocktail that you’ll love.

6. Black Magic

Chocolate & cocktails in a classy atmosphere


While you’re in Riga, you have to try Black Balsam: a traditional herbal liquer that’s very popular in Latvia. It wasn’t our favorite, but it’s still worth trying for a cultural experience.

Black Magic is one of the best places to try Black Balsam. This chocolatier/cafe is located in an old pharmacy and has a really classy candlelit atmosphere. Bonus–they have chocolate to help you wash your booze down! 😉

7. Paddy Whelans Irish Pub & Sports Bar

Casual Irish Pub 

Paddy Whelans Irish Pub & Sports Bar is a really popular laid back spot for a drink. Hailed as the first Irish Pub in Riga, this spot seems to be popular with both locals and tourists.

If there’s a sports game you’re looking to catch, this is a great place to watch it. They have TV’s and regularly show football and hockey games.

8. Tim’s Mints

Happy Hour Deals + Great Board Game Selection

Tim's Mints Bar and Cafe in Riga, Latvia

Tim’s Mints seems to be more of a hole in the wall place. Located on the ground floor of a historic building in Riga, this place has great Happy Hour (6 – 8 PM) specials on cocktails–buy one get one free!

They also have food and board games so this is a great place to hang out. It’s very casual, with communal seating located throughout the room. Sometimes they even have live music/DJ’s.

9. La Belle Époque (The French Bar)

Laid Back Dive Bar

Two beers on the bar at La Belle Epoque (The French Bar) in Riga, Latvia

If you’re looking for a laid back dive bar, try La Belle Époque. This place is a French themed back located in a basement. The atmosphere is dark, the drinks are cheap, and the music is loud.

10. Kiwi Bar

Cozy Sports Bar with great beer and burgers

Kiwi Bar is a great place to stop in for a beer and a burger. It’s a casual sports bar located near St. Peter’s Church in Old Town. Stop by for a cheap beer and some entertainment.

11. Rock Cafe (Reiterna nams)

Popular Rock n’ Roll bar with a dance floor

People drinking at the bar at Rock Cafe in Riga, Latvia

Rock Cafe is a popular bar/club that was Riga’s first Rock n’ Roll bar! Downstairs, there are a couple bars and plenty of places to sit. Upstairs, there is another bar, more seating, plus a dance floor.

Everything is decked out in rock n’ roll style, so stop by for a cool place to drink, dance, and enjoy rock music. They almost always have live music or a DJ on the weekend.

Best Spots for a Late Night Bite to Eat

If you’re going to experience the nightlife in Riga, you’ll probably get hungry. This is a good thing because you can’t truly experience the nightlife scene without stopping in at one of the many late night spots for a bite to eat!

Kebab plate and fries from Turkebab in Riga, Latvia

Here’s a few of the best places in Riga for a late night bite to eat.

  • Turkebab: Cheap, counter-serve local chain for Turkish kebabs and fries.
  • Hesburger: Popular fast food chain in the Baltics (based in Finland) with great burgers.
  • Pizza Lulu: 24-hour pizza shop!

Final Thoughts

House of the Black Heads at night in Riga, Latvia

The nightlife scene in Riga is a blast. Most places accept credit card, but it can be handy to have cash on hand in case you need to pay your tab in a hurry or decide to visit a club with an entrance fee. Cash is also good to have in case you need a cab to get home.

There’s really no shortage of great places to drink. We’d recommend staying in Old Town so you don’t have to worry about getting a cab to get home safely. Be safe and have fun!

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11 Coolest Bars in Riga, Latvia

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